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Why I Love Morgans

By MHA(UK) Youth Member Zara Kinsella

Why do I love Morgans?

Where do I start?

Well, about two and a half years ago, I’d never even heard of the Morgan breed, or couldn’t tell the difference between a Morgan and a Thoroughbred. Now Morgans stand out to me from a mile away. The main reason why I love Morgans so much is because they are kind, gentle and well natured.

You could go into a stable with one of Tessa’s horses and they wouldn’t even touch you. In fact they would probably get in your way because they want a fuss.

Also a reason for why I love Morgans is that their eyes are so big, which makes them look gentle and friendly. Their eyes to me look like big puppy dog eyes, which makes them look as friendly as they are.

Another reason is that they are patient and stand correctly, and look beautiful. The Morgans, when told to stand, stand patiently until they are given the aid to walk on.

The last reason that I would like to talk about is the way their mane is shaved from the top near their ears down about 15 centimetres, and the way their tail is long and wavy, which makes them look beautiful and intelligent (well, most of Tessa’s horses are!).

OVATION with his No.1 Fan, ZARA at Wells Park Farm
Ever since I have met the Morgans they have been my favourite breed ever. Mind you, I love any horse, no matter what the breed. But still, Morgans are the best- ESPECIALLY OVATION!

If I had the chance to have a horse of any breed or kind, a Morgan would be on the top of my list.

Zara is a regular participant at MHA clinics held at Wells Park Farm, where she visits her special friend “Thank You Ovation”. All MHA Youth Members get free lessons at MHA Clinics. Read Zara’s report of the Autumn Clinic under NEWS AND ARTICLES.