Wells Park Farm - By Zara Kinsella

Hi everyone,

Thanks for my wonderful weekend with the Morgans, and yet again I had an excellent time, riding Midget, Blondie and of course my baby OVATION.

For those of you who weren’t there (didn’t see me ride or do the jobs that needed doing), hopefully in my own words I will be able to describe my feelings to all who are part of the association.

My weekend started on Friday 12th November when I was ready for school and my mum and dad finally decided to tell me that we were going to Cambridge today. Bearing in mind I’m still in my school uniform, I ran into my bedroom, tore off my uniform and grabbed everything out of my wardrobe such as, jodhpurs, t-shirts, jodhpur boots, chaps, hat, gloves, coat etc, and put them all into a bag.

After a two and a half hour journey, we finally arrived at the farm. OV and WOW were just being brought in from the field by Alison and Jill. Jill brought WOW in and Alison brought OV in. I ran over and gave Jill a great big hug and she took me over to see MY BOY, OV. As soon as Alison had taken off OV’s head collar his head was on the floor with his jaw stuffed full with hay. What a surprise! OV was so dirty, Alison said that he had got mud on his eye lid-eye shadow, mud on his cheek-blusher and he had longer eye lashes-mascara. Ha ha. He looked so funny, even though I was the one who had to brush him. I gave him a big hug and then Jill and I went to see David who was talking to my mum and dad. When I had said hallo to David and my mum and dad had said hallo to Jill, Jill and I went to the mess room so Jill could have a wee. When she came out she asked me who I would like to ride first, and I said Midget. After about ten minutes I put on my jodhpurs, boots, chaps, coat and took my hat and gloves down the barn. Next Jill asked me to go and get Midget while she collected the tack. I put the head collar on Midget, cleaned her feet with a hoof pick and walked her over to the other barn to put her on cross ties. When we got down there I brushed her down with a hairbrush for her mane and tail and a red flicker brush for her body and face. When she was clean I started to tack her up starting with the martingale, then the pad and the saddle, pulling the girth through the loop of the martingale and finishing off with the noseband and the bridle, making sure that everything was tightly fastened. I led her out and Jill held her while I climbed on. When we were in the pen I walked her round once or twice, moved her into the trot then straight into canter which was really, really good. After a couple of minutes or so I changed the rein and repeated the routine again. After my lesson on Midget, Jill said that she was proud of me and that I rode brilliantly.

The following day, I rode Blondie. Jill again went to fetch her tack while I went to fetch Blondie. I managed to get her head collar on but she wouldn’t lift up her feet so that I could pick them out, so with the kind help of Silvia S. her feet were finally clean. I thanked Silvia and walked Blondie down the barn. When I got out of the barn something spooked Blondie and she flipped, remembering that I’m leading her as well as standing next to her, so I calmed her down straight away, walked her over to the other barn and put on cross ties. I groomed her over and Kirsty (the new girl) watched her while I got changed. When I had got back, Jill had nearly finished tacking her up. When I had got on her it felt really strange- I walked, trotted and cantered; it was amazing. At the end Jill asked me to trot up the farm towards the M11, but soon enough the trot turned into a canter. Jill didn’t know what to do. She was nearly going to run up to try to catch me. Silly woman. I was so proud of myself because it was the first time that I had ever ridden Midget. Later that same day I had my second lesson on her and it was as great as the first lesson; she was so well behaved for me.

After all of my hard work riding, mucking out, tack cleaning, it was time for tea. Two people came in (Gordon and Julia) and made us pork in a mustard sauce with a type of rice and vegetables. It was lovely. I really enjoyed it. After the main course we either had a choice of CHERRY TRIFLE or STICKY TOFFEE PUDDING. Guess what? Jill had BOTH, what a surprise. After all that crackers and cheese were being passed around. The whole meal was gorgeous. Later on that night Sharon and Lizzie came in and did a quiz. We were all in groups and our group was called Ovation!!!!!!! DAVID, Gordon, Julia, Chris H, Chris B and Adam B all cheated. Well who can blame ’em, as David was on their team. The winners were Silvia S’s team and they won a pair of clogs. At about 10:30 we were all full to the top and we had all had a lovely night. We couldn’t wait for another day to come.

The following day when Jill had recovered from my great escape to the M11 I rode Blondie again. She was fine and went perfectly.

At about 1:30 to 2:00 I rode my baby OV. But before I could ride him I had to clean him. It took ages, but after all that hard work when I got on him it was amazing, great, brilliant. When I got in the pen I walked, changed the rein, cantered for the first time on him, changed the rein and repeated the routine again. Then Jill was determined for me to run away on one of the horses and made me go towards the M11 again. Luckily I didn’t escape. He went really well for me- he went at a good speed, he was comfortable and no words could describe how I felt. When I had had my lesson on OV I brushed him down and I took OV and Jill took GEORGE out in the field. Guess what. He rolled. After all that hard work brushing him, he rolled. About 20 minutes later I had to go so I ran down the barn and put a carrot in his manger. I couldn’t go without saying goodbye.

I would like to thank TESSA for holding the clinic and letting me have a lesson on OV, Gordon and Julia for cooking such a delicious meal, and my mum and dad for driving me down there.