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Origins Of The Morgan Horse

The Morgan horse breed originated in 1791 when Justin Morgan accepted a 2 year old colt as payment for an outstanding debt. Morgan took the horse back to his home in Vermont, and was soon impressed by his versatility and character.

He named the horse Figure and went on to become one of the all time great stallions, indeed the only one in history to establish his own breed. That breed went on to become known by the name of the owner, and the beattiful and versatile Morgan Horse was born.

Morgans At The Races

Morgans are not bred primarily for racing, but their incredible versatility means that they are more than capable of holding their own at the track. In Vermont the famous Morgan Mile is an annual trotting race which is contested exclusively by the breed. This is a very popular race and you can sign up to have a bet on it with any horse betting website. But it's not just about the Mile, because in mainstream racing you can also see many Morgans competing.

So next time you place a bet at your favourite racing bookmaker, check the horse's profile to see if it is one of our breed! You can find Morgan race horses in the US, UK and Australia and you can even buy one.

Morgans At The Movies

The story behind the origin of Morgan horses is depicted in the 1972 Disney film, Justin Morgan had a Horse starring Don Murray as Justin Morgan. This is a great watch for both young and old viewers, particularly if you have kids who are interested in Morgan horses.

The movie is an adaptation of the book of the same name, by Marguerite Henry. Both the movie and the book can still be purchased from any good high street retailer or online from Amazon.

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