History of the MHA

The MHA(UK) was begun in 1992 in order to meet the needs of a certain sector of the British Morgan-owning community. Since its beginnings the club has grown to include members from virtually every corner of the British Isles, and has many members from overseas.
Based in Pampisford, near Cambridge in England, the club welcomes any like-minded Morgan enthusiasts to join and participate in club events such as clinics and shows.

Founder member Sharon Hart explains how it all started...

" The Morgan Horse Association (U.K) was formed over 12 years ago by a small group of Morgan enthusiasts who believed that, though the Morgan was known to be a stylish, intelligent horse, the majority of people in the United Kingdom had little idea of their versatility. We therefore formed an Association whose aim was to encourage owners and their Morgans to enter as varied an amount of disciplines as they wished and were capable of.

"We knew that there was always a place for the show horse but we felt that there was so much more the Morgan could be seen to do. To this aim we hold regular clinics throughout the year so that owners and indeed non owners can come and learn or be helped with their Morgans. These are friendly informal affairs, where you learn with a smile. We have one Championship show a year, but though it is a serious competition we aim to encourage those who are perhaps nervous of being watched and again we try very hard to make the atmosphere one of all joining together to promote the horse.

"We also began a sponsership scheme whereby anyone who manages to persuade a show to hold a foreign breeds class are sent the ribbons for that class and as these are based on the American style of ribbon are something well worth winning!

"From that small band of enthusiasts and with the generous sponsorship of Dixons International the MHA (UK) has gone from strength to strength. The Morgan is becoming successful in many disciplines, carriage driving, western, long distance riding, dressage and even jumping and we feel proud as an Association to see how the Morgan is becoming known as a master of many disciplines but also as a wonderful family horse."